Tuesday, 30 July 2019

No Deal Brexit Is A Failed Brexit

So of all the nonsense spoken about Brexit, and boy is there a lot of it, the biggest offence against common sense is the notion that leaving without a deal is in some way a valid outcome.   It is no such thing.   It is a complete failure to come to terms with the way the world is.

It is basically self evident that not reaching a deal in a negotiation is a failure.  This is the case even if the other side is being deliberately difficult.  The Romans were determined to destroy Carthage.  Nothing the Carthagians could offer would distract them.  But nonetheless, had a Carthaginian engaged in talks with them to negotiate a treaty, the outcome would still have been a failure.

To not be able to reach any deal at all with the EU, with whom we have no quarrel and huge shared interests is not just a failure.  It is an abject failure.  If you can't manage that it has to be doubted if you are capable of tying your own shoes.

It cannot be claimed that it is what people voted for.  Yes it is leaving the EU.  But that is like saying having your head cut off is a valid cure for a headache.

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